Los Angeles Commercial Property Management Services

Our team delivers unparalleled results. We’ve cut costs and added value for hundreds of owners in the past, and we can’t wait to do the same for you.

Nearly 30 years experience in the Los Angeles area

  • We reduce your workload by handling issues like tenant retention and lease enforcement so that you don't have to.
  • We've got the knowledge and resources to tackle all your commercial-specific needs.
  • Does your lease require the tenant to maintain any part of your property? We go to great lengths to make they honor their responsibility to maintain systems (e.g. HVAC, plumbing, roof)
  • We’ve faced all types of management situations in every kind of market cycle, and we look forward to maximizing your profits.
  • From upscale retail to basic warehouse space, we’re ready to apply our expertise to improving your bottom line.
  • We’ve cut costs and added value for hundreds of owners in the past, and we can’t wait to do the same for you.

Crown Commercial Property Management – offering commercial property management services in the Los Angeles area

Los Angeles Commercial Property Management Includes:

Client Transitions

  • Our streamlined process guarantees a smooth transition into our management.

Tenant Interaction

  • Once you sign with us, you won't have to interact with tenants.
  • Leave all rent collection and communication to us.

Tenant Retention

  • Our tenant retention campaign dramatically improves bottom-line performance.


  • Top-rated maintenance with 24/7 live operator.
  • BuildZoom ranks us 107 out of 336,931 construction companies in CA (top 6%).


  • We list vacancies on 100+ sites with professional virtual tours.
  • Market rent surveys help us earn you top-dollar.
  • Tenant selection includes a national eviction history check and calls to two prior landlords.
  • OR, if you have a broker who you prefer to handle leasing, we’re happy to work with them, giving you the best of both worlds.

Financial Reporting

  • Clear monthly reports via secure owner’s portal, accessible 24/7 (CAM accounting and reconciliation included).
  • Need custom reports? Get them for free.
  • If necessary, we can communicate with your CPA on all matters.

Additional Services

  • Annual insurance review
  • Utility audit
  • Energy conservation planning.

Our Leasing Philosophy

Since advertising vacancies requires expertly managed campaigns, our priority is to quickly produce comprehensive high-profile ads. Our chosen digital management platform (Appfolio) posts vacancies to over 100 websites, attracting a multitude of excellent prospects to choose from. We also film virtual tours of all vacant units and have the videos professionally produced and edited by a third party, so prospective tenants can view them on social media and apply sight-unseen.

We conduct rent surveys to monitor the rental rates of properties similar to yours. The right target rent cuts time off the process attracting qualified prospects, and as a result, earns you stable income and long-term tenant retention.

We perform a thorough analysis of all prospective tenants, including a nationwide eviction history search and calls to at least the last two landlords listed on a prospective tenant's application. Our criteria bring in tenants that pay the rent your unit is worth and stay long-term. A good tenant is always worth the work.

Maintaining and Remodeling Your Property

CCPM has managed hundreds of renovations. As a result, our in-house team of maintenance experts has the experience necessary to save you thousands of dollars should your existing property need work done. Furthermore, if you decide to purchase a property that needs a lot of work, you can buy with the knowledge that rehab and management will be seamlessly integrated.

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